Rafe's story continues...

Middle School: Save Rafe! - James Patterson, Chris Tebbetts

I read this with my son, Max. We always enjoy the Middle School books. Max loves books set in a school environment.


Rafe Khatchadorian is back. The Arts school he was attending is closing and guess what... he will have to go back to Hills Village Middle School. Yep, the place where these stories started and the place Rafe was happy to be expelled from. But, Mrs. Ida P. Stricker is now the principal and the new vice-principal is her sister Charlotte P. Stonecase. Needless to say, neither of them are happy with the idea of Rafe returning to their school. So, they have a condition... Rafe must attend and successfully complete a week in The Program.


When Rafe looks at the brochure, he realizes this is no fun week at camp. In fact, the brochure says in boldface letters, "The hardest week of your life is about to begin." 


My opinion:

I enjoyed this book. I always like reading with my son. :)


Recommended to:

This book is great for kids in grades 3 - 8; I think any kids who enjoy realistic fiction or humorous stories will enjoy it. Patterson's writing is easy to read and there are plenty of pictures throughout the book which are very funny. 


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