Stranded 2 - Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire - Jeff Probst, Chris Tebbetts

"The rain outside poured down, but the sounds in the cave seemed to bounce off one another and amplify. And that's when he heard it. A soft rustling was coming from deeper inside. Something was moving around back there. It sent a fresh wave of goose bumps down his arms."


The Sequel to Jeff Probst's book Stranded, Trial by Fire continues the adventure of the four siblings, Vanessa & Buzz, and Carter & Jane. They have been shipwrecked and stranded on a deserted island. Their parents are newly married and the two sets of siblings were on a sailing cruise to get to know each other better. Now, they are in this crazy situation and are forced to work together to survive.


This book begins where the first one left off, with a huge storm dragging their boat and all their food and gear off to sea. The kids attempt to find shelter in a cave, only to realize that something is already there. The kids face this and many other obstacles as they continue their adventure.


This book will appeal to young reluctant readers, especially those that like adventure. There are loads of dangerous situations that the kids have to find ways to escape. Each child finds they have a strength that contributes to the group's survival. They learn new things about themselves and each other. 


Very enjoyable book and short. I finished it in one night. :)