Another fun Angel family mystery

Confessions: The Private School Murders - Maxine Paetro, James Patterson

Tandy is back and this time she has 3 mysteries to solve. First, who killed her brother's fiancee (Matthew is on trial for the murder, but Tandy is pretty sure he didn't do it). Second, who is killing wealthy private school girls (who are about Tandy's age). And finally, how are poisonous creatures getting inside the exclusive Dakota building where the Angel family lives. Oh, and she is still trying to figure out some of her past; what memories of her love James are real and what happened to him?


Tandy isn't certain if she will still have the mental focus and skills needed to solve these mysteries. First, she has been off her "vitamins" since her parents' death. These "vitamins" were actually drugs given to the Angel children by their parents to make them more focused, smart and strong. Will Tandy still be able to solve the mysteries without her special drugs?  And will she be able to concentrate with the constant distracting  thoughts of James running through her mind.


A new character, Jacob is introduced in this book. Uncle Peter has left Jacob in charge, he is the new guardian of the Angel children. He is the most sweet and caring adult the Angel children have ever known. He is more loving and caring than Maud & Malcolm ever were.


All in all, this was another great Patterson book. Tandy is a fun narrator and I enjoy reading about her adventures.