Stepping Stones - graphic novel

Stepping Stones - Lucy Knisley

Audience: Middle Grade

Format: Ebook/Library Copy


Things I miss about the city:

- second panel 


This is a cute story about a girl whose mom moved her from the city to a farm in the country. Jen doesn't like the farm and doesn't want to take care of chickens. She misses her dad who is still in the city. Her parents are divorced and Jen's mom has moved to the farm with Walter, "her new BFF."


Jen is a sweet girl and I totally understood her issues. When Walter's two daughters from his previous marriage come to the farm on weekends, it is a challenge for Jen to adjust (she is an only child). But she ends up learning from the girls and they learn from her as well. The message of the book is that everyone is good at something and nobody is good at everything, but everyone is important.


Cute and recommended for fans of Smile, Roller Girl, Drama, etc.