Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake

Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World - Ashley Herring Blake

Audience: Middle School

Format: Hardcover/Library Copy


A storm was coming which was perfect.

- first sentence


Twelve-year-old Ivy is a middle child who is trying to figure out where she belongs, among other things. Her family’s house was destroyed by a tornado and she lost the notebook filled with her secret drawings of her and another girl. Her parents and sister are totally focused on her twin baby brothers. Ivy feels invisible, ignored by her family, and confused about her crush on another girl. 


This story portrays the confusion of middle school and the difficulties of being a middle child perfectly. Ivy is confused when her first crush is a girl while all her friends are crushing on boys. Ivy isn’t sure if it is a crush or just friendship. Ivy is worried about how her sister will react if she finds out Ivy likes girls.


This book made me laugh and cry and gave me all the feels. I was right there with Ivy as she tried to deal with all her emotions and figure out who she was. I highly recommend this book to all girls, moms, and anyone else who enjoys realistic coming of age stories.