Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom - audiobook

Ben Franklin's in My Bathroom! (History Pals) - Mark Fearing, Candace Fleming, Malcom Campbell

Audience: Grades 3-5

Format: Audiobook/Library


Olive lay on her belly under the kitchen table.

- first sentence


This is a funny book about what would happen if Ben Franklin was somehow transported to today's world. Nolan & Olive find a strange radio on their front porch and as they are playing with the buttons, suddenly Ben Franklin appears. They try to hide him from their mom and everyone else, but his curiousity gets them all into a bit of trouble. Ben is fascinated by everything in Nolan's world, from electricity to libraries.


This was a funny book that kids in grades 3-5 will most likely enjoy. There are illustrations on many pages and when Ben tells a story, Nolan imagines it in graphic novel form. I listened to the audio, so I missed most of that. I would recommend that kids read the physical book so they can enjoy all of the illustrations.