Seven Days in May

Seven Days in May: A Novel - Kim Izzo

Audience: Adult

Format: Paperback/Owned


It was half past nine in the morning when Sydney stepped out of the taxi wearing her most drab topcoat.

- first sentence


This is a romantic historical fiction novel that follows two sets of people during the first World War. The plot involving Sydney & Brooke (New York heiresses) and Brooke's fiancee Edward (a future lord who happens to be in significant debt) is all unlikely romantic triangle.  They are traveling across the Atlantic on the Lusitania for Brooke & Edward's wedding. The other plot takes place in London where Isabel has found a job working with the codebreakers. Isabel & Sydney are both trying to fight for women's rights and against stereotypes in their own ways. The climactic event is the sinking of the Lusitania by a German submarine.


The historical details and the fact that the author's great-grandfather was Walter Dawson, a passenger who was on the Lusitania, made this novel interesting. But I wasn't terribly invested in the characters or what happened to them. The part of the story where the Lusitania was sinking and passengers were struggling to survive was the most heartbreaking part of the book and also the most engaging. 


I read this for Booklikes-opoly space #34 - When? - a book that is time travel or historical fiction. It has 349 pages and is worth $3.00