Mystic River by Dennis Lehane

Mystic River - Dennis Lehane

Audience: Adult

Format: Owned/Kindle



When Sean Devine and Jimmy Marcus were kids, their fathers worked together at the Coleman Candy plant and carried the stench of warm chocolate back home with them.

-first sentence


I've had this book on my tbr since 2016 and I finally got around to reading it thanks to Snakes & Ladders. :) I landed on space #35. Has been adapted as a movie.


The book starts with the boys during childhood and sets up the story of Dave's abduction. Then we fast forward 20-something years and see the boys as adults with wives, children, and careers. The suspense builds gradually and the sequence of events that leads to the unfortunate conclusion of the story involves a great deal of coincidence and bad luck.


I watched the movie a couple of days after I finished the book and I loved it. They did a great job with the adaptation and only changed insignificant things. I highly recommend this book (and the movie) to fans of suspense dramas.


As I said, I read this for Snakes and Ladders and also for the Goodreads HA Mount TBR challenge.