Reading progress update: I've listened 660 out of 901 minutes.

Fathomless - Greig Beck, Sean Mangan


I'm really enjoying this book, but there is one thing that is driving me crazy:


Every time I hear the narrator say the word "leant" instead of "leaned." I get that this is the word the author used, but I just don't understand why. I'm not sure if the word is used more often than usual in this book or if I'm just attuned to it. But every time I hear it, I just cringe (and think "leaned" in my head). It was driving me so nuts that I looked online to see if there is a reason to use "leant" instead of "leaned." There isn't. "Leant" is an older form of the word "leaned" and isn't used much in modern language. Modern grammar rules say either word works, but "leaned" is the more appropriate choice unless the book is a period piece and the author is trying to match the language with the time period.


So, I ask you Mr. Beck, "WHY???" 


The book takes place in modern times - there is no reason to use the word "leant." At least if I was reading instead of listening, I could change the word in my head.


Oh, and just now, he used the word leaned - why the change?? I was hoping it would continue for the rest of the book, but it seems like it was a one-time thing. :(


Btw, even spell check hates that word, it keeps asking me to correct it to leaned. *rolls eyes*


Anyway, thanks for listening to my rant.