Killer by Nature - Audible Original

Killer by Nature - Jan Smith, Thomas Turgoose, Will Mellor, Robert James-Collier, Angela Griffin, Katherine  Kelly

Audience: Adult

Format: Audiobook/Owned



This was just okay. I didn't really like any of the characters and I didn't even hate the villain enough. The main character is a psychologist who doesn't seem to notice that her daughter has symptoms of psychopathy. I'm not giving anything away. If you've read any books or seen any movies about psychopaths, then you know how it goes: no emotions, no sympathy or empathy, hurting animals, etc. How does her mother not notice?? She's supposed to be so busy, but even when the principal calls her in to talk about her daughter's behavior, she still doesn't see it. I found this part hard to believe. 


Then there's the killer (who is already in jail btw). When the doctor goes to see him, she gives him a test to see if he's a psychopath. Remember, this is the woman who can't even see it in her own daughter. The killer occasionally breaks into song - children's songs to be exact. It's a little creepy but more annoying than anything.


I listened to the Alien Audible Originals and they are also performances. I liked the format in that case. But for this one, it didn't really seem to fit. Also, it was broken into episodes which was kind of jarring and involved a lot of music. The first time this happened, I thought the whole thing had started over because it also restates the title and author.


At least it was fairly short.


If I had to sum it up in one sentence:

A watered down version of a Hannibal Lecter story.