The Girl from the Well

The Girl from the Well - Rin Chupeco



I am where dead children go.

- first sentence


Murdered deads live in storms without season, in time without flux. We do not go because people do not let us go.

- Chapter 1


Okiku is a spirit who was murdered hundreds of years ago. She takes vengeance on child killers and releases the souls of their victims. Tark is a teenager with an evil spirit locked inside him. When they find each other, they become part of a battle between good and evil.


This book is fantastic. It was scary, bloody, and suspenseful. It is told from the point of view of Okiku and is a bit disjointed at times. It combines the troubles of teenage life with a Japanese ghost story. There is a lot of Japanese culture throughout the story, especially towards the end when the family returns to Japan.


I liked Okiku and Tark and their relationship. Okiku really knows how to deal some bloody vengeance. It's cool that Tark and his cousin are some of the few people who can see Okiku and she is able to communicate with them. I liked hearing her backstory. And the ending was perfect.


I read this book for the Diverse Voices square.