The Girl Who Could Not Dream by Sarah Beth Durst

The Girl Who Could Not Dream - Sarah Beth Durst, Soneela Nankani


The dreamer controls the dream.


Imagine having a friendly monster as your best friend and protector. Sophie's parents own a dream shop in the basement of their bookstore where they secretly sell liquid dreams. Sophie's best (and only) friend is a cupcake loving monster named Monster, who she once pulled out of a dream. Monster is a bit sarcastic and a lot over protective, but he would do anything for Sophie. Then, Mr Nightmare arrives, the shop is robbed, and Sophie's parents go missing. With the help of Monster, some new friends, and some fierce, but friendly creatures, Sophie just might be able to find and save her parents.


This is an enchanting and quirky story that reminds us it's okay to be different. And our most courageous friends may look all fluffy and cute on the outside, but they have fierce hearts. 


I listened to the audio and the narrator was excellent. I loved the voice she used for Monster. I highly recommend the book and the audio. 


Recommended to: Ages 9-13, fans of fantasy and adventure stories.