The Last Passenger by Manel Loureiro

The Last Passenger - Manel Loureiro, Andrés Alfaro


August 28, 1939 - Somewhere in the North Atlantic Ocean, the Valkyrie is found, drifting, with a single passenger - a baby wrapped in a blanket and left on the dance floor. 


Present Day - Kate is a reporter who recently lost her husband (Ralph), and she is looking for a distraction. When the editor offers her the chance to follow up on the final story Ralph worked on, she jumps at the chance. But this is no simple mystery. There is an evil presence on the Valkyrie, and Kate may be the only one who can end its reign.


This story involves not time travel, but an overlapping of times. On the ship, Kate sees the current version of the ship, then blinks and sees the ship as it was in 1939. There is a high creepiness factor and a fair amount of blood and violence. I enjoyed the book and may look into others by this author.