Thanks to Leah's Bookish Obsession for sharing this information. I hate when I have to wait forever for an audiobook or ebook. :)

Have you ever wished your library had more books available to you???

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Did you know, even if you don't live in a certain library's district, you can sign up for an out-of-state eCard to check out eBooks and Audiobooks with.  There's only a few libraries that offer this, especially where they'll mail it to you.  I looked into the different libraries that offer this:


Brooklyn Public Library NY-- $50 a year


*Orange County Library FL--  $125 a year (this one looks like it might work in a different Country, but I'm not sure of that)


*Fairfax County Library VA--  $27 a year


*Houston Public Library  TX--  $40 a year


*Free Library of Philadelphia  PA--  $50 a year


*note--I'm not certain if all these libraries will mail the card to you, but I think they do.


After looking into these libraries I decided to go with Brooklyn Public Library and I've been using my card for a couple months now and I think it's worth the $50.  Especially, for the audiobooks.  I did find that my local library has quite a lot of books too, because some of these choices didn't even compare to my KDL.  Also, I still use Overdrive to access the books/audiobooks I check out. After I filled out the application they emailed my card # to me, and also mailed my actual card.  I then paid my fee of $50 and started using my card.