Heart-Shaped Box

Heart-Shaped Box - Joe Hill


Jude had a private collection.

- first sentence


A collection of the grotesque and bizarre. As a heavy metal star, that is part of his image, and he enjoys it. And that is why he jumps at the chance to buy a ghost on the Internet. Turns out it isn't the best choice he's ever made...


Jude is kind of a jerk. He's a singer and plays guitar, divorced with a slew of girlfriends he calls not by their names, but by the name of their home state. Thus, his current girlfriend is Georgia (20-something to his 50-something). His assistant, Danny (who happens to be gay) is often more of a friend to the girls than Jude is. So, when the ghost came, I wasn't that invested in Jude's safety (or survival). Luckily events throughout the book made me root for him and even like him enough to be invested in his survival.


I had no idea where the story was going and that was good, it kept me guessing. I love the twist about the ghost and about why it was meant specifically for Jude to buy.


I thoroughly enjoyed this book, as I also enjoyed the other two other Joe Hill books I read (NOS4A2 and The Fireman). I love his writing and of course horror, so... I know Hill has been around for a while but I don't know why I never read his books until this past year. I'm so glad I did. I will look for more by him. Let me know if any of you have recommendations. :)


My favorite lines:


the radio was just background sound, the auditory equivalent of wallpaper.


He understood that the ghost existed first and foremost within his own head. That maybe ghosts always haunted minds, not places.


The ghosts always caught up eventually, and there was no way to lock the door on them. They would walk right through.


I read this book for the ghost square, because... well, the ghost. :)