Rumors and superstition

The Island - Clarissa Johal


Emma's grandmother is missing and presumed dead, so now Emma has to clean out her house and get it ready for sale. The house is on a private island. The locals have plenty of gossip about the island and what happens there. But Emma doesn't believe in superstition until she spends some time on the island. It seems the rumors are more than just superstition.


I loved the cover of this book and was looking forward to a creepy island story. I was a bit disappointed. I was over halfway through the book, and still waiting for the scary part. When the creepy part did start, it was pretty thin and resolved too quickly. The characters weren't developed at all and the mc chatting with the demons was funny more than scary. Not one of my favorites. The idea was good, and I think the demons could have been very scary, but it just didn't come together for me. 


I read this book for the Water Works space, read a book with water on the cover. The book has 210 pages = $6.