Desperate girl fights to save her mother.

The Sleeping Prince - Melinda Salisbury



I'm really enjoying this series. The first book followed the story of Twylla, the sin-eater's daughter. This book follows a different character in the same world, Errin. She is strong-willed and independent and trusts no one. But you can't blame her, she lives in a border town full of criminals or people trying to hide from their past. She has one friend, Silas. But, she has never even seen his face, he never removes his hood. 


The story takes us to a world of fantasy and adventure. And nothing is as it seems. As in the first book, there are unexpected betrayals and twists and even people you think are bad turning out to be good.


I enjoyed this one and listened to it quickly. It's performed by Amy Shiels (as is book 1), and her voice is perfect for the story. She makes it easy to picture the characters and I could always tell who was speaking.


I wanted to plunge straight into book 3, but it won't be released until October... So, I will have to wait. But I have BLopoly to keep me busy and tons of reading for school, so I won't be lacking reading material. (as if that would ever happen - my tbr pile, is more like a mountain)