One Crazy Summer - review

One Crazy Summer - Rita Williams-Garcia

Delphine is eleven, going on twelve and yet she is responsible for her two younger sisters. Their mother left when Fern, the youngest, was still a baby and they are being raised by their father and grandmother (Big Ma). One summer they fly to California to spend time with their mother. She is not what they expect, and she doesn't seem happy to see them. Their mother sends them to the community center to have breakfast and get them out of her house. There the sisters get to spend time with members of the Black Panthers who run the center and provide local children with breakfast and day camp.


I liked this story. It gave us a look inside the sixties and what life was like for young black girls. We see how hard it is for the girls not to know their mother and when they finally meet her, she is distant and unfriendly. Delphine is a strong girl who doesn't take crap from anyone. It is hard for her to just be eleven when she has so much responsibility. She stands up for herself and her sisters and by the end of the visit, they finally start to connect with their mother.


This is a great book and highly recommended for readers, especially girls. Fans of realistic fiction or historical fiction should enjoy this one.