Book 2 in the Insignia series

Vortex - S.J. Kincaid



That was the thing about real life. Video games could be reset. There were second chances.

- Chapter 14


Book two in the World War III Insignia series is as thrilling as the first book. This series explores themes of power, corruption, friendship, and loyalty. Evil cooperations control everything, from the water and food to the war. Tom and his friends have computers in their heads and they are controlled by the government (which is controlled by the corporations). Tom is rebellious but loyal. In order to continue in his training, Tom has to get corporations to sponsor him, but he is incapable of hiding his real feelings, incapable of being political.


This is an exciting story. I loved the first book, and this one even more. I am starting book 3 right away! Watching Tom try to act political was so funny. There are some pretty tense moments and it is hard to know who to trust. I sort of guessed who was the leak, but I knew it would involve another twist.