Book 3 in the series continues to mesmerize me

The Bronze Key (Magisterium, Book 3) - Holly Black, Cassandra Clare


The story continues at an awards ceremony for the heroes from The Copper Gauntlet (book 2). The ceremony is hit by tragedy and the students are in danger when they return to the Magisterium (magic school). There is a spy at the school, and time is running out to discover who it is. The students discover that magic is only as good (or bad) as the person who wields it.


I don't want to give anything away. This remarkable series continues to surprise and enthrall me. The characters, the setting, the story are all fantastic. There are many similarities to stories like Harry Potter, but enough differences to really set it apart. I had an idea who the spy was, but I wasn't sure until the end.


I highly recommend this series to readers in grades 4 and up who enjoy fantasy and magic.