Good book, awful narration

The Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian - Sherman Alexie


Ok, so I know this book is a classic and my daughter had to read it for school. So, I decided to listen to it on audio while I was driving in my car. The author narrated the book and I hated the way he spoke and the voices he used. They seemed whiny and annoying most of the time. I am certain this affected the way I felt about the book.


The story was touching, funny and heartbreaking at times. It seemed a bit too pushy with the "all Indians are drunks" thing and that sort of bothered me. But, the main character, Junior, is inspirational in that he decides he wants something better for himself and takes the chance to go to an all white school to find it. He is brave, crazy, stupid, and funny all at the same time. Leaving the reservation to go to a different school is huge and causes a lot of turmoil in Junior's life, but he struggles through it.


In my opinion, if you are interested in this book, skip the audio and just read it yourself. :)