A different look at Typhoid Mary

The Prisoner of Hell Gate: A Novel - Dana I. Wolff



Brothers she had once, but none so suffocating as this Brother.

- first line



A group of college students and a junior professor go out on the river one day and end up landing on a mysterious island. The students are all studying the field of public health. They hang out together often and call themselves the Sewer Rats. They are curious about the island and drawn to its mysteries. As they explore the island, they come across signs of recent habitation, even though no one should be living there. Many years ago, it was where Typhoid Mary was imprisoned - for the sake of public safety. Things gradually get creepier, as it starts to get dark and the students start to worry if they will ever make it off the island.


This is an interesting story. Half of the story is told from Mary's point of view, and the other half from the student's. Mary is angry and wants to be left alone. One of the students, Karalee is the granddaughter of the doctor who imprisoned Mary on the island.


I can't say it left any real impression on me, but the story was unusual. I finished it a while ago, but have been busy with school. Sorry about the short, semi-coherent review.