The creepiest town...

Ghost Road Blues (A Pine Deep Novel) - Jonathan Maberry

The last thing Billy said was, "Oh, come on... there's nothing out there."

- first sentence


Immediately after he says that, Billy is seized and dragged screaming into the darkness. But... things are not what they seem.


This is a great story. There is definitely something supernatural and spooky going on in town, but we aren't sure exactly what it is.


The town experienced true darkness in 1976 during the time of the serial killer known as the Reaper. Some men from town decided the Bone Man (a drifter who also happened to be an African American) was guilty and they strung him up. Now, 25 years later, the kids who were friends with the Bone Man and believed him innocent, are grown up. Some of the men who killed the Bone Man are still around. And the town is visited by monsters yet again. (The recurrence through time reminded me a bit of the Stephen King book, It - but maybe because I just finished reading it.)


This story is filled with scary and suspenseful moments. Also a lot of gore and bloodshed. And I loved every minute of it.


One thing I noticed in other people's reviews, was complaints about the editing. There were a lot of errors, grammatical and otherwise. I don't know if this is just in the e-book version, but it was a bit distracting. Not enough to make me dislike the book or stop reading or anything, but it might bother some people.


This is the first book in a trilogy and I am enjoying book 2 just as much. :)