Supernatural Mystery Fun

Jackaby - William Ritter



One who can see the ordinary is extraordinary indeed, Abigail Rook.

- Chapter 8


That little slip of paper had turned out to be my ticket into a more remarkable world than I could have imagined.

- Chapter 11


I wondered which was sadder, leaving someone to cry after you when you were gone, or not having anyone who would miss you in the first place.

Chapter 14



Abigail Rook is a headstrong girl who left home and, instead of going to University, headed out looking for adventure. She ends up in New England, with no cash and no place to stay. She finds Mr. R.F. Jackaby, a detective with supernatural skills. He uses these skills to investigate crimes committed that cannot be solved by the usual methods. He is quirky and unusual and brings Abigail into some dangerous and exciting situations. In her position as his assistant, she finally finds the adventure she's been searching for.


I enjoyed this book. Jackaby is quite the character and Abigail is a fun, plucky young lady.  The mystery was exciting and I didn't guess the culprit. I knew it wasn't the obvious choice, but I didn't know who it actually was. I know there are at least two more books and I'm planning to read them after Halloween Bingo. :)


Recommended to:

Readers who enjoy their mysteries with a supernatural twist.