Creepy, twisty whodunit...

The Woman in Cabin 10 - Ruth Ware




Not only do we not know who killed the girl, but we don't know if a girl was actually killed and who in the world she might be. Our narrator is completely unreliable, she doesn't know who to trust, or if she can even trust herself. There are plenty of suspects, but no evidence.


Reading this book brought with it a lot of claustrophobic feelings. Being trapped on this small, but luxurious cruise ship was anything but relaxing for Lo. Before the trip, an intruder attacks her in her own house. She suffers from anxiety for which she takes medication. All of this contributes to her agitated state of mind on the cruise and gives others reason to doubt the validity of her claims.


I was anxious to find out the truth and had a hard time putting this one down.


I read this for the Locked Room Mystery square.


Recommended to:

Fans of thrillers and mysteries.