Sweet Realistic Fiction Story

Prairie Evers - Ellen Airgood



I thought, You are my earth. How will I grow up any more without you?

- Chapter 1


A library is a wonderful thing - all of our books combined couldn't hold a candle to the number of books a library has...

- Chapter 3


"Crying don't get the oil changed"

- Chapter 16


...that was the silver lining in the cloud. Grammy always told me to look for the good even in bad situations. It's a challenge, but pretty often you can find something if you look hard.

- Chapter 24


In a pack of coyotes, everyone watches out for one another: they are a team. It works that way with coyotes and cats and chickens, and I think it ought to work that way with people too.

- Chapter 28



This is a sweet story about a young girl whose family moves from North Carolina to New York state. She has been home-schooled for her whole life so far and when her parents decide she should go to school, she is scared. She doesn't want to go. She dreads the bus, the other students, sitting in school all day... But, she finds something at school that she never had before... a best friend. 


Young girls will love this sweet story about friendship, dealing with change, and discovering who you are.


Recommended to:

Grades 3 - 5, fans of realistic fiction.