Why oh why did it have to end that way??

— feeling beat brick
Golden Son  - Pierce Brown



Ok, so I LOVED this second book in the Red Rising trilogy. Darrow is a great main character, flaws and all. It breaks my heart all he goes through. Once again you may think you know what is happening, but just when things seem good... BAM...something unexpected and usually bad happens. Lots of feels here guys.


I finished the book (late at night when I should have been sleeping), and I wanted to start the next one right away. But I needed to sleep and even more, I needed time to process what happened.


I don't want to give anything away, even by naming characters. Just read this book already!!




But this is why I was made. To dive into hell.



Chance made us Golds. We could have been born any other Color. Chance put us in our families. But we choose our friends... I chose her, like I chose all of you. And if we cannot trust our friends... then what's the point in breathing?


Recommended to:

Anyone who likes a good rebellion - Start with Red Rising