Even half a chance beats none.

Half a Chance - Cynthia Lord



This is a heartwarming story. Lucy is a bit lonely because her family moves a lot and her dad travels for work. He is a famous photographer and Lucy tries to take photos that compare. She finds an ad for a photo scavenger hunt that her father is judging and decides to take photos to fit the categories, just for fun. She makes friends with Nate, whose family is staying at the house next door for the summer. Nate helps her with the photos and Lucy helps him keep an eye on the loons that nest on the lake.


The photo scavenger hunt was a fun part of this story. Lucy and Nate come up with some clever photos to fit the different categories. The loons provide an environmental side to the story and a bit of sadness. Nate and Lucy take pictures and notes for the Loon Preservation Committee. Nate's grandmother is dealing with some health issues, and this is a difficult thing for Nate to understand. This may be her last summer at the lake.


Here are some of my favorite lines from the book:


At some point, you just have to choose. And then be brave enough to stand up to the people who think you made the wrong choice.

- Chapter 18

I simply saw it. Not to share. Not to capture. Just to live what was around me.

-Chapter 23


Sometimes you don't get an answer, though. Sometimes "I hope so" is the only answer you get.

- Chapter 24


It must take some courage to fly, to trust the wind to hold you as it lifts you away from all you've ever known. To know inside that you're heading where you're meant to go -- even if you've never been there before.

- Chapter 24


This is a grade 3-5 Sunshine State nominated book for 2016-17. 


Recommended to:

Readers in grade 3 and up who like realistic fiction stories.