You never need an invitation to go home...

Circus Mirandus - Cassie Beasley

Four small words. That was all it took to set things in motion.

- Chapter 1


A great opening sentence to a magical story. 


Grandpa Ephraim has been telling Micah stories about Circus Mirandus his whole life. Micah is amazed by the stories and is so excited when he finally gets the chance to see the Circus for himself. Circus Mirandus isn't like a regular circus, it is full of real magic and endless possibilities. But if you don't believe, you will never be able to experience it.


Circus Mirandus was the sort of place that filled you up to the top of your head.

- Chapter 10


A world that had such magic in it must not be as awful as he had sometimes feared.

- Chapter 15


Father would want me to do the right thing, he thought. Even if it hurts. He breathed the disappointment in and out a few times to see if he could live with the taste of it.

- Chapter 15


It was a ridiculous, amazing thing to do, and once in a while, it's good to be ridiculous and amazing.

- Chapter 32



The illustrations are whimsical and fun, and so is the story. There is an underlying note of sadness, but it is mixed with wonder and magic. The point of view goes back and forth from Grandpa Emphraim (as a child) to Micah as they each experience the magic of Circus Mirandus.




Recommended to:

Readers in 3rd grade and up who enjoy stories of magic and wonder.