A young girl fights to hold on to her identity

Someone Named Eva - Joan M. Wolf



"Remember who you are Milada.

Remember where you are from. Always."

- Milada's gradmother



The Nazis come to Milada's home and take her away from her family. Because she fits the Aryan ideal, they rename her Eva and train her to speak only German. They want to make "Eva" into the perfect German citizen and then have her adopted by a German family. Before the Nazis take her, Milada's grandmother gives her a garnet pin shaped like a star as a talisman to help her remember her identity. 


I read this book as part of my study of books for ages 9-12 with strong female protagonists.


This book was touching. I felt for Milada and the other girls. I can't imagine what it was like to be taken from their families to a cold place with no comfort and being forced to answer to a different name. Most of the time, they had no idea what was going on or what was going to happen next. Milada is a very strong character, with faults of course, but she is quite resilient.


I like reading books with a World War II theme. Instead of focusing on the concentration camps and the war itself, this book brings to light a different part of the Nazi agenda.


Recommended to:

Ages 9-12; readers, especially girls, who enjoy historical fiction or empowering books for girls.