Touching, Poetic Story

Locomotion - Jacqueline Woodson

I'm not really a loud kid, I swear. I'm just me and

sometimes I maybe make a little bit of noise.

If I was a grown-up maybe Miss Edna

wouldn't always be telling me to be quiet

but I'm eleven and maybe eleven's just noisy.


Maybe twelve's quieter.


- Chapter 1


I read this book as part of our poetry unit in my Information Needs of Children graduate class. I am not usually a fan of poetry. I didn't think I would like this book, but I was wrong. It didn't feel like poetry. The poetry in this book took various forms, not necessarily rhyming the last word in each line.


The main character, Lonnie C. Motion lost his parents in a fire and has been separated from his sister. His 5th-grade class is learning to write poetry and through this, Lonnie (nicknamed Locomotion) finds a way to express his feeling about his parents, his sister, and his world. He has been through a lot and it comes through in his writing.


This novel was moving and very well written.


Recommended to:

Children (and adults) who enjoy historical fiction and stories of overcoming hardships.