Team Omega is back

Dark Days (Dead City) - James Ponti


Molly Bigelow and her Omega team have been banned from investigating Marek Blackwell and his plans for New York City. But when they discover that Blackwell is raising money for an undead army, they have to act. But will they be in time?


--from the publisher


I loved the entire Dead City series. James Ponti did a fantastic job creating a believable world filled with relatable characters to love and villains to hate. The characters have flaws and self-doubt but manage to overcome them. I love the unusual explanation for the existence of zombies.


There are some twists in this book that  surprised me a bit and that was fun. I did feel like the ending was too sudden. I expected more action and suspense. The overall story seems to wrap up nicely though and I think this might be the last book in the series.


This book is great for kids with an interest in zombies. It is fun and not too scary, but it is suspenseful. In our school, it is popular among the 4th and 5th graders. It appeals to both boys and girls. 


Recommended to:

Boys and girls in grades 4-8, especially those who like their zombie stories a little less scary and not so gross. Scary rating: 2/5, Gross rating 3/5.