Don't judge a book by its cover...

— feeling doubt
Charming - Krystal Wade



This should be a lesson to me, not to judge a book by its cover. Also, not reading the synopsis of the book doesn't always turn out for the best. I enjoy not reading the synopsis usually. I like when books surprise me with their plots or twists.


But, I was looking for a horror book, or at least something scary and this did not fit the bill. The cover looks sort of bloody and scary, but the story is really a thriller I guess. I actually found the book a bit slow at times.


The main character, Haley, is being abused by her alcoholic father, and her younger sister doesn't really see how bad it is. Their mother died in a car accident while trying to get them all away from the abusive relationship. Haley starts to fall for a boy named Chris Charming. I'm guessing this supposed to be a twist on Cinderella, but I didn't really see it (besides the name and Charming being rich).


Anyway, there is something sinister going on and eventually the truth is revealed. But, by that point, I really didn't much care. It is possible that I would have liked the book more if I went in without my preconceptions, but unlikely. The plot was just too slow moving and a bit confusing. Also, the villain was a bit unbelievable; I don't see how he could have managed all the things he did without being noticed.