Wait... What???

— feeling beat brick
Life After Dane - Edward Lorn


Wow. This book. It is scary, creepy and gross all at the same time. Dane is a terrifying character and what he does to people... let me just say ewww. His nickname is the Rest Stop Dentist because he takes his victim's teeth and leaves them in a trail leading to the body. Dane has been executed by the state of Arkansas, but that doesn't stop him from taking his revenge. 


The book is told alternately through Dane's mother Ella's eyes in the present day and in flashbacks to when Ella & Dane's father met and Dane's childhood. By doing this, Lorn allows us to see the sweet, innocent boy that Dane was. 


I felt sorry for Dane and was scared of him at the same time. He wasn't born a serial killer. He suffered horrific abuse from his father growing up. It was quite difficult to read about at times (children are a soft spot for me, along with dogs). His mother (Ella) stood by and let it happen. I can't even imagine how she could allow Dane to suffer such abuse. I would never let anyone touch my children if I was around to stop them. Yet somehow Lorn made me feel sorry for Ella even as I wanted to smack her and make her realize what she was doing to her son.


This is a dark book, with graphic descriptions of violence committed by Dane, alive & dead. It is very intense and hard to put down. I loved every minute of it and I couldn't have predicted the end in a million years. After I read the end, I had to go back and read it again. I just couldn't believe what happened.


Recommended to :

Fans of horror and serial killer stories. The surprise ending with leave you with your mouth hanging open....