It's a matter of trust...

Juvie Three, The - Gordon Korman


Last month, Gordon Korman came to visit our school. He spoke to the students in grades 3 through 8. It was a great experience. He even had writing sessions, where he taught the kids how to come up with their own stories. I only read one of his books, so I decided to read a few more. 


As usual, I didn't read the synopsis of this book before I started. I like going into books without knowing what direction they will take. So, I was surprised when the accident happened and by the direction the book took afterwards. 


This is one of those books where, everything that can go wrong does. The three boys face quite a few obstacles during their journey. I enjoyed following their journey and rooting for them to succeed. The boys each have their own unique personality and together they make quite a team.


This is a satisfying book about the opportunity for redemption and how important it is not to give up.


Recommended to:

Readers who enjoy realistic stories about second chances. Good for grades 4-8.