This made me so happy!

— feeling amazing
The Secret of Rover - Rachel Wildavsky, Antonio Javier Caparo


So, I've been reading the Secret of Rover to my 12-year old son every night before bed. It's an adventure story with quite a few edge of your seat, nail-biting moments. He is enjoying the book. But, that isn't news really.


What surprised me was the reaction of my oh-so-grown-up teenage daughter. She "hates reading" and hasn't let me read to her for several years. Well, she was in the bathroom and overheard me reading to her brother. And, she was hooked. She actually wanted to listen to the story; she wanted to see what would happen next. So much so that the three of us ended up sitting in my bed reading together. And, she begged me to continue reading even after her brother fell asleep.


I have often told her that she will enjoy reading if she just finds the right book. I am hoping that she will realize how much fun reading is and maybe at least, she will start enjoying audiobooks.


For someone who loves to read as much as I do, having a daughter who claims to hate reading borders on intolerable...