Lovable dog story...

— feeling smile
White Fur Flying - Patricia MacLachlan



For Sue Carlin and all

those who rescue dogs --


And for those who adopt 

and foster them.


It is a heroic, never-ending job.


And for Kodi.


This story is about a family whose mom rescues great pyrenees dogs and whose dad is a vet. A boy moves in next door with his aunt & uncle. The boy doesn't speak and he quickly bonds with the dogs.


This a cute story about how dogs can change your life and how dogs are very sensitive to people's needs. They know who needs their love most and are able to give it. Sometimes dogs know that people need saving when they don't even know it themselves.


I enjoyed this story. It literally took me an hour to read. This story will appeal to any dog lover or kid who has always wanted a dog...


Recommended to:

Readers in grades 3-5 (or anyone else who loves dogs).