Ahh... Jeopardy! Kids Week - another show to make me feel that I'm not smarter than a 5th grader ;)

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Olivia Bean, Trivia Queen - Donna Gephart



Olivia Bean loves Jeopardy! When her father was around, they would watch it together every night. Now her father moved to California with her best friend's mother (and her best friend). But Olivia still watches Jeopardy! every night. She has been dreaming of being on Jeopardy! Kids Week for what seems like forever and this year is her last chance. First thing she has to do is register.... A parent has to do that. Which parent can she count on?


Olivia is a cute girl with a Jeopardy! obsession. She is having trouble adjusting to her new family situation. Her dad is too busy gambling or hanging out with his girlfriend to remember to call her once a week. Her mom's boyfriend lives with them now (and Olivia doesn't really like him much). And the boy next door is either very nice or very mean to her (she is not sure what to think about him).


This is a realistic story about families adjusting to changes and how deeply it affects the children. I liked Olivia and her family. I was really rooting for Olivia to get on Jeopardy! It just meant so much to her. The story deals with difficult issues in a lighthearted manner. Perfect for kids in grades 3-5.


Recommended to:

Young readers in grades 3-5, especially girls, who may relate to Olivia's dreams.