Brutal indeed...

— feeling unhappy
Brutal Youth: A Novel - Anthony Breznican

We should be afraid...over how easy it is to go wrong, trying to make others do right.

- Chapter 5


Sometimes, when you are feeling your worst, an extra stab of pain doesn't hurt at all. Hopelessness is a great anesthetic.

- Chapter 41


The best revenge you can get is making people see the worst parts of themselves.

- Chapter 47


Okay, so a book called Brutal Youth doesn't really sound like a feel good kind of book. And knowing it was about bullying, I didn't expect it to be all roses. But, this book was kind of difficult to read. There was a sense of hopelessness and a lack of control over circumstances throughout the book that bothered me. It seemed like no matter what some of the characters tried to do, they couldn't stop the worst from happening. 


The book is well-written and interesting. I always wanted to see what would happen next, but I still found the book a bit depressing. I always look for the best in people, but even some characters I thought were good ended up disappointing me.


So, the book is an interesting look at a culture that not only allows bullying, but seems to encourage it. And how people that have the best intentions sometimes end up causing the most harm.


Recommended to:

This book is for adults. There is a lot of violence and sexual references. If you are interested in books that examine youth and how wrong things can go, then this book is for you. But, I suggest you keep in mind that it isn't a feel-good book.