Cured - Review

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Cured - Bethany Wiggins


Being underestimated is an advantage, and yes, that saying is framed and hanging on the bathroom wall at home.



This book is a sequel. I highly recommend reading "Stung" first, but I will try not to give anything away.


This story is set in the same world but centers on different characters at first. In Chapter 1 we meet Jack. It is still dangerous to be female and survivors outside the city work hard to disguise females as males. Jack is really Jacqui, but the family has been pretending she is a boy, for everyone's protection. All of them would be in danger if anyone found out the truth. Jack eventually meets up with Fo on a quest to find Jack's brother and distribute the cure.


This book is as action-packed as the first one. It keeps you on edge, wondering along with Jack who we can trust. And it kept me guessing for sure. As much as I wanted to trust certain characters, I found it as hard as Jack did to figure out who exactly is "good" in this crazy world.


Recommended to:

Fans of dystopian stories, young adults and adults (like me) who enjoy young adult novels.