Skink - Review

— feeling ninja
Skink No Surrender - Carl Hiaasen

A missing girl,

A hungry gator,

Only one way out...


This adventure tells the story of a young boy, Richard who meets a rather crazy but well-intentioned old man (nicknamed Skink). Skink is hiding under the sand, disguised as a turtle nest and breathing through a straw. Why is he doing this you ask? Because he is trying to catch a criminal who digs up turtle eggs and sells them on the black market for two bucks each.


When Richard discovers his cousin Malley is missing, he is desperate to figure out what happened to her. Malley told her parents she left early for boarding school. But, It seems as if Malley ran away with a boy she met on the internet. Richard, with Skink's help, is going to figure out where Malley is and exactly what is going on.


This is a fun adventure story for middle grade students. Richard is determined to help Malley, but he is scared at the same time and makes some mistakes. Both Richard and Malley are likable and relatable. Skink is an outrageous character and some things that happen are definitely past the edge of believable. But he brings a certain levity to the story. Overall, this is a fun adventure/road trip story with some exciting, tense moments.


Recommended to:

There are some real edge of your seat moments that may be a little intense for younger readers. This is a good book for 6-8 grade students.