Thursday Throw Down (#12)

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Time for another Thursday Throw Down, an original feature created by booklife4life. For a look at the original post click here



I have missed these contests and I'm glad they are back!


This week's question is:


Which cover of Cinder do you prefer, the American cover or the Czech cover? 

I am showing the covers here for your reference, but I strongly urge you to check out booklife4life and the original post linked above. :)


American Cover





Czech Cover




Personally, I prefer the American cover. I like the use of the glass slipper and the hint of robotics underneath the skin. This is the first cover I saw and it really intrigued me. I grabbed this book up the instant I first saw it on a shelf in the store. It conveys the idea of a new twist on an old fairytale.


The Czech cover (while stunning) doesn't give me the same feeling. The full moon and the witchy kind of outfit doesn't say Cinderella to me at all.


Thanks again to booklife4life for creating this fun weekly contest!