The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Review

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The Coldest Girl in Coldtown - Holly Black



Death has his favorites, like anyone. Those who are beloved of Death will not die.

-Chapter 9



Because the villain knows that without the hero to hate, his life would be empty. Once he's murdered his adversary, he's alone.

-Chapter 27


Tana wakes up after a sundown party to discover all of her friends but one has been killed.  She finds her friend Aidan tied to a bed with a vampire tied up next to him. Tana knows about vampires, everyone does. Vampires used to be very cautious and protective of who they turned. After all, they needed to keep their food supply around. One rogue vampire ran around turning people into vampires without caution. Next thing you know, vampires were everywhere, like a virus. The military barricaded the towns where the vampire infections broke out and those towns became known as Coldtowns (when people get infected, they become "cold"). Everyone knows about vampires, there are even blogs and reality shows broadcasted from Coldtowns. Rebellious teenagers want to go to Coldtowns because they are portrayed as glamorous places where the party never ends.


This was an interesting look at the vampire world. Tana is a likable character, flaws and all. She helps her friend and a strange vampire. She isn't fooled by the fake glamour, but even she had no idea what Coldtowns were really like. She makes some foolish decisions, but she tries her best to protect those she loves. She is attracted to the vampire she saves (girls always seem to be a sucker for the "bad boys" in these kinds of stories). There is no real love triangle, so that was refreshing. There was some unexpected surprises and some very predictable things. I liked how the author incorporated the social media and reality shows that seem to be everywhere today. It was a fun twist. 


This is a good story, fast paced and fun to read. I do have to warn parents that this book is not for middle grade students. It is better for high school and up I think. There were some sexual situations and a lot of talk about sex.


Recommended to:

Young adults (high school and above) & fans of YA.