Last Town - Review

The Last Town - Blake Crouch

"What it comes down to for me is that I'd rather us make bad decisions as a group, than to live in the absence of freedom."


"Life had become something you clung to, that you bit down hard on against the pain, like the rubber block in a session of electroshock therapy."


"I wish we lived in a world where actions were measured by the intentions behind them. But the truth is, they're measured by their consequences."



I loved this entire series. There were so many moments when I just went whoa or in some cases, WTF. I can't really say much about the plot of this book without giving things away, especially if you haven't read the first two. So, this will be short and sweet.



Interestingly enough, one of the 5th grade girls at my school was talking to me about a series she loves (Variant by Robison Wells). She felt like there could have been more than just two books in the series. She wanted to know what happened next. Then she said that maybe she just liked the series so much that she didn't want it to end. I told her that some of the best stories don't get wrapped up in a nice bow at the end. They are left open ended so that we can imagine for ourselves what might have happened next.


But I agree with her. There are a few books/series that I have read that were so amazing that I didn't want the experience of reading such a great story to end. Then you're caught between "I want to read slower so it lasts longer" and "I'm dying to find out how it ends". This final book in the Wayward Pines series ended like that. I'm glad it ended the way it did. I was a little surprised because I thought they would be going in a different direction, but the ending is great. Another book could have ruined this perfect package and it's fun to imagine for myself what might have happened next.


Recommended to:

People who like stories that take the best parts of Stephen King, the Twilight Zone and Shirley Jackson and twist them up into a surprising gem. Just read the whole series already.