The Wicked Girls - Review

The Wicked Girls - Alex Marwood

That's it, that's us: not 'the suspects', not 'the children in custody'. We're The Girls Who Killed Chloe. We are the Devil now.



She knows enough about self-esteem to know that people without it invite trouble into their lives without even realizing they're doing so.

-Chapter 24


Let's face it: society doesn't really care who it blames, as long as it blames someone.

-Chapter 46

At the start of the book, it is 1986 and we meet two young girls who have been convicted of murdering another girl. In Chapter One, we fast forward to 2011, where we meet a stalker, a newspaper reporter and a cleaning woman who works in an amusement park. The cleaning woman has just discovered a dead body. The book continues to move back and forth in time and we gradually piece together the story of what happened the day the little girl died. 


This book is deliciously creepy and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The girls are all grown up. Is there a chance for redemption? Or are the mistakes of the past going to follow them forever? And what are they willing to do to keep their secrets?



Recommended to:

I highly recommend this book. If you like thrillers, this is a great one. I'm looking forward to reading her next book (not a sequel) called The Killer Next Door.