Masterminds - Review

Masterminds - Gordon Korman


You don't hear much complaining in Serenity. Randy always manages to find something, though. It's almost as if he's daring the universe to do a better job, no matter how great things already are. I think my dad would be happier if I found a different best friend. But let's face it, in a town with only thirty kids, there's not much to choose from. And anyway, you don't find best friends. Best friends just happen.




"You can waste your whole life wandering only to find that what you're searching for is right in your own backyard," I return. I didn't make that up. That's what it says on the gazebo in Serenity Park. It's kind of the town motto.


This is a great middle grade story. Serenity is a nearly perfect town. Everyone is happy, there is no crime and no conflict. It's like a whole town full of Stepford people. Obviously something isn't right here, but what? None of the kids have ever left town. With everything so perfect, who would want to leave. Until one day, Randy convinces Eli to go for a bike ride to the edge of the city limits. Something happens there that changes everything. Randy moves away, leaving Eli and his other friends to figure out the town's mysterious secret.


Let me say something though. Don't read any blurbs about the book if you can help it. I read a couple and they ended up giving away a key point in the story - not the whole thing, but something I would have rather found out on my own.


Also, I have never read any Gordon Korman books before. He is coming to our school in the fall, so I figured I should try his books. This book is fairly new, but he has written many middle grade stories. I think I will have to try some other ones. His writing is fast paced and really draws you into the story.


Recommended to:


Kids in grades 4 thru 8 who like adventure will love this story. The story is filled with mystery, adventure, danger and edge of your seat moments.