Thursday Throw Down

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Ok, so the question is, if the reaping isn't taken out of the picture, would you rather live in District 12 or the Capital?


I am a little torn on this. I love the idea of all the comforts and modern amenities of the Capital. But I don't think I could stand living with the people who live in the Capital. They are all so vain and self-centered. I don't even dry my hair in the morning and I wear very little makeup. I am most comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt (if sweatpants aren't an option anyway). While I appreciate the glamour of the Capital, I just don't think I would fit in.


District 12 appeals to me on the level of comfy clothes, a close knit community and better values. Then again, the people in District 12 are so poor and have NO amenities. Except for the houses in the Victor's Village.


So, I think I will go with District 12, as long as I have one of those very comfortable houses in the Victor's Village (along with the comforts they provide). And, as long as we weren't starving. ;)


My vote:


District 12