Article 5

Article 5 - Kristen Simmons



There were no more words as they loaded my mother in the back of the van. When she disappeared inside, I felt something tear within me, loosing what felt like acid into my chest. It scalded my insides. It made my breath come faster, made my throat burn.

-from the book


Ember Miller is a high school student. She goes to school, hangs out with her friends. She doesn't realize how much the world around her has changed since the war. Oh, she knows about President Scarboro and his Moral Statutes, but she thinks she and her mom are safe. The Federal Bureau of Reformation's (FBR) soldiers are in charge of enforcing compliance with the Moral Statutes. Ember and her friends refer to them as the MM (Moral Militia). Violators of the statutes disappear but most people have no idea where they go. Ember is about to find out. A revision of Article 5, pertains to children conceived out of wedlock and Ember and her mother are both found in violation and taken prisoner. Ember is sent to a rehabilitation facility and her mom is sent....? Ember doesn't know where her mom is, but she is determined to find her.


This is a great dystopian adventure. Ember is naive and has some issues but she is basically likable. Chase is hard to figure out, but from the beginning we have a feeling, as readers, that there is more to him than Ember thinks. Ember and Chase have a troubled relationship but they aren't in the best situation either. Being a soldier in the Moral Militia doesn't help his case.


I'm enjoying this series and am already on the third book. The books are fun, easy to read and hard to put down. Oh and no love triangle. :)


Recommended to:

Young adult and adult fans of dystopian fiction.