Tooth and Nail - Review

Tooth and Nail - Craig DiLouie



"But it is not enough to stay alive. A man must also have something for which he wants to live as well."


The Lyssa virus is rapidly spreading out of control and soldiers are pulled from the Middle East to help keep order back home in the United States. They are charged with protecting a hospital in New York City and keeping the desperate crowds under control. The last stage of Lyssa causes the patients to lose their minds and become aggressive. The soldiers are calling people suffering from this stage Mad Dogs. At one point, the Mad Dogs begin attacking and biting healthy people and spreading the disease even more rapidly. The soldiers are unprepared for this and don't want to fire on their fellow American citizens. As the Mad Dogs multiply, how will the soldiers, the army and everyone else in Manhattan survive?


This is one of the few books I've read that approaches the zombie apocalypse from where it started. And it shows how difficult it was for the soldiers both physically and mentally. They are sworn to protect the American people and now they have to kill some of them and leave others behind to fend for themselves. I enjoyed this book. It was in turn, heartbreaking, gory, thrilling and scary.


A scary & heartbreaking look at soldiers fighting against the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.