Write Before Your Eyes - Review

Write Before Your Eyes - Lisa Williams Kline

A squirrel landed on the branch beside Gracie and boldly looked her in the eye.


An acorn fell to the ground.


Mom's Blackberry rang.


Dylan rounded the bend beside the weeping willow, his hands in the pockets of his baggy khaki shorts.


A fuchsia elephant appeared on the horizon.


What if you found a journal that seemed meant for you? Right down to the quote on the first page, "Remember what the dormouse said" (from White Rabbit by Grace Slick, who Gracie was named after). And what if, everything you wrote in the journal came true, though maybe not in the way you intended and not always with a good result? Gracie found the blue suede journal at a yard sale and it brings magic into her life. Should she write that world peace is achieved, that no children go hungry or that her dad finally finds a job? Gracie tries to navigate this new magical world and figure out how to best use her newfound power.


This book was enjoyable. The story was cute. There was adventure, mystery, magic, family issues and first love problems.


Recommended to:

Grades 3 - 8, kids who like magic, adventures, journal stories and school stories.